Who are we?

ANDROmAKE is a strategic marketing and communications agency specialized in congressional and business tourism. For more than 10 years,  working with tour operators, hotels and tourist services, Helps you to participate  in fairs and markets, and organize B2B, cultural and sport events at international level. In full respect of the Person, in  Environment  friendly way, acts as  flexible and creative partner to meet diversified demands of innovation, competitiveness and internationalization. The team is composed of members united by a strong team spirit, without the burden of a complex and articulated structure, which makes use of a dense network of professionals and qualified staff to ensure that every customer collect the skills necessary to achieve its objectives , whether they are oriented to business or personal development.

Our Mission

"Valuing the resources and potential of Croatia, Veneto and Austria, to promote WELLNESS Personal and Organizational environmentally friendly, energy saving and in context of total quality!"

  • Our Goals

  • Supporting Tour Operators and Training Agencies

  • Dealing with Strategic marketing and unconventional tourism

  • Planning Outdoor and incentive tourism

  • Helping to strength the business structure

  • Developing new products

  • Complying with regulations, retain customers

  • Building collaborations and partnerships based on achieving results

  • Supporting Fairs, Conferences, Company Visits and Business Missions

  • Generating new international partnerships

  • Supporting organization, logistic, legislative, and administration

  • Consulting when buying and selling Real Estate

The Myth of Andromake

What does the word AndroMake mean!? The word Andromake comes from the Greek and it means: he / she who fights. In mythology Andromache was the daughter of Eetion, king of Thebes. As a young bride she married the Trojan hero Hector, son of Priam, killed by Achilles during the the Trojan War. From the hands of Achilles she loses also his father and seven brothers. After the fall of Troy, Andromache becomes the prey of war of Neoptolemus, son of Achilles and king of Epirus. Andromache, forced to leave his country and live in a hostile and unknown environment, was able to react to a painful destiny that forces her to a total change of life, and so she won the trust of  Neoptolemus marring and giving him three children. With the death of Neoptolemus, Andromake become queen of Epirus and will reign for many years bringing wellness and prosperity in the city of Pergamum. The myth and history are reassembled in this extraordinary figure of a fighter for survival, and continues to live in the poetry of Homer, Euripides, Virgil and Racine. But it is perhaps Baudelaire the one that was able to recognize in this myth the will of change in the history and destiny, remembering her in “Le Cygne”. Her strength will fascinate also Schliemann, the archeologer who descover Troy, that will call his daughter with the same name.


Office: Obala J.B.Tita 3/5 , 52470 Umag

Phone : 00385 52 553 951

Mobile: 00385 91 731 8534  /  00385 91 934 2464

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MBS 040197574 -  OIB  66869119315 - IBAN number HR89 2380 0061 1400 1570 0

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